About our food

Close to the North Sea and in collaboration with renowned fish suppliers, we can offer you a wide variety of the best North Sea fish, shellfish and oysters. We work with the seasons and are committed to sustainability. Our kitchen team, led by chef Rienk Vrij, has a genuine passion for fish and selects the best products every day with an expert eye. We offer an uncomplicated, classic menu, which nevertheless contains a number of modern culinary surprises. It is important that the natural purity of the fish comes into its own. Accompanied by our well-balanced cocktail, wine and drinks menu, all the ingredients for a memorable dinner are present.

Do you have someone in your company who prefers to eat vegetarian, vegan or a piece of meat? Then you can also contact us. We can take most dietary requirements into account, but we would really appreciate it if you can inform us of this when you make your reservation.


Chez Moos

A fish for the cat, an initiative that arose in the corona time and which we had so much fun with that we will continue with it. Surprise your cat at home with a meal from Chez Moos; fresh boiled cod and a cat’s milk, packed in a box with a surprise in a paper bag coveted by the four-legged friend for € 5.00, the proceeds of which go to De Poezenboot.

A meal from Chez Moos can also be picked up daily.


Take out

Oysters, a fruit de mer platter, a mixed fish platter, various cold appetizers, soups to warm up at home, a nice wine or champagne? You can still pick up a selection of our dishes. And do you want to surprise someone? We always provide a festive presentation. Order online or contact us for the possibilities.